Committee Profiles


Club Chair: Monica Quirke
Club Treasurer: Stacey Irving
Club Secretary: 
John Joyce: Marketing and Communications
Claire Baylis: Grant and Funding Applications
Matt Avis: Sponsorship/Communications
Simon Keaney: Health and Safety and Club Maintenance



Monica Quirke: I have two children who swim Hazel (Metro) and Jasmine Hagan (performance c) My girls enjoy their swimming with Jasmine interested in the odd competition and Hazel swimming for fitness for water polo. The girls started swimming with Swim Rotorua some years ago and I am looking forward to helping out where I can and support the club in its goals and objectives. From May 2018 I have been elected as chairperson. It is a great club and happy to do our bit and give back.


Stacey Irving (BBS, CA) joined the Swim Rotorua committee as the Treasurer in 2014. Stacey is the Accountant for a private Forestry Fibre handling company, and has had various other management accounting roles within the industry over the last 20 years.  Stacey is passionate about helping non profit organisations develop better governance and reporting systems so that there is accountability and transparency in financial reporting and decision making.  She has prepared financial reports for the Taranaki Maori Rugby Football Union, Kura Kaupapa and various other Iwi organisations.  Stacey is a qualified National IOT. She has three children and is passionate about swimming and ensuring that it is more affordable to the Rotorua community.



John Joyce

I was elected to committee in 2017 and continued from May 2018. have two children that swim for the club (Miki and Kaia). My wife helps with timekeeping, so i'm here to help where needed too. 


Claire Baylis



Matt Avis. I joined the Swim Rotorua committee from May 2018. My family and I have lived and worked in Rotorua for the last 13 years. We love living here with all the outdoor sporting activities. Our family has been involved with the club for about 3 years now as we have two girls swimming with the club. Emily is in Junior Gold and Lizzie is in the Turbo Squad. Both learnt to swim at the Aquatic Centre and thoroughly enjoy being members of the club. I am keen to lend support to the club and provide as much help as I can.


Simon Keaney: I currently have my two boys, Oliver and Benjamin, swimming in the Metro squad, and my daughter Maddie.

Our family have been involved with the club for some years starting out as fairly novice swimmers with Les Gainsford to competitive swimmers under the guidance of Bronwyn and Alastair.

Swim Rotorua is a continuation of my involvement in swimming from being a competitive swimmer, to triathlons, masters swimming and more recently open water swimming.

I still get a buzz from seeing young kids developing their skills in a nurturing environment that I know they be able to call on for the rest of their lives.