Swim Rotorua Coaches

Swim Rotorua have a great team of qualified coaches, lead by our head coach Alastair Johnson.


Alastair Johnson

Appointed in November 2012 with responsibility for all coaching matters, staff development and mentoring, club development initiatives and leadership. Personal strengths include commitment, technique, athlete development and building club structures and pathways. Alastair has a wealth of coaching and teaching experience of over 25 years in England, Scotland, Singapore and New Zealand. His professional highlights so far include National Youth Coach for Scotland, Team Staff at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2007 World Championships and a recipient of the prestigious Prime Ministers Coaching Scholarship.

Alastair has a fantastic skill set including Learn to Swim delivery, building Clubs and developing High Performance athletes.

He has been awarded Gold Accreditation by Swimmng New Zealand, making him one of the few coaches in the country to achieve elite staus.


Bronwen Radford

Coach of Turbo & Metro Squad and Adults/Triathlons/Masters Squad.

Bronwen has been a Coach for over 10 years and has guided swimmers to podium finishes at a New Zealand Junior level and National qualification standards.

SNZ Qualifications:

Swimming New Zealand Swim Teachers Award, ACA Junior Skills Award, Teacher of Competitive Swimmers, Bronze Award (pending ratification)

Holds a current First Aid Certificate

Member of New Zealand Swim Coacher and Teachers Association


Bronwen is passionate about coaching and is inspired and feels fortunate to be able to spend time with so many incredible athletes.   She has a unique approach and  believes in developing each individual athlete to aid them in their personal journey towards success in sport and in life. 


David Boles

I have been a part time coach for sometime now. I have coached other sports and enjoy swimming myself. I think lots of effort and practising basic skills leads to maximum achievements. I think it is great to see swimmers growing into athletes. We can't change everything but we can bring the right attitude.



Katlin Donnelly

Has recently become a valuable member of the coaching staff for the Junior Academy under Lead Coach, Tara Watts. She has compleated her SNZ Swim Teacher Award and is looking forward to working with the younger athletes  in the Junior Academy, developing their techniques and helping them achieve their goals no matter how big or small.



Claire Baylis

Hi ... I am Claire Baylis. I have coached with Swim Rotorua for some years now, currently in Junior Academy and the Turbo Squad. I have completed the National Certificate in Recreation and Sport (Aquatics) Swim Education, as well as on-going training from Head Coach Alastair Johnson. I have three children (Stella, Paddy and Jack) who swim for the Club, I am a former Club Board Member, your School Liaison Manager and organise Race Nights with Tara. I love seeing how quickly our Junior Academy swimmers become water safe, improve their technique, reach the goals they have set in their passports and start collecting speed awards at Race Nights and local competitions. I am also part of the Scholarship Committee and the Community Partnership Co-Ordinator for the Making the Difference Water Safety Program




Tara Watt

Tara has taken up a new combined role of Club Administrator and lead coach for the Junior Academy. She has come to Swim Rotorua with a wealth of experience in management, administration and coaching. She's spent 8 year teaching in the Rotorua Lakes Swim School (where she will continue to have a role) - and has already taught a number of our young swimmers in the early stages of their swimming journey.
Tara hails from Essex and is currently studying business and administration part-time. She brings a love of swimming and 'can't wait' to get involved in the next steps on from learn to swim.
Tara will be coaching primarily in our Junior Academy alongside Katlin and Samantha - but also in our outside squads.
Tara's appointment is another part of our commitment to invest more in our coaching programme, help smooth the transition from learn to swim to the club, and to lift the quality of our engagement and support for our athletes and families.



Tiana Hill

Tiana has returned to Swim Rotorua as a coach for the Junior Academy, working with Tara and Head Coach, Alastair. She has been a competitive swimmer with the club for many years, and brings a wealth of talent and experience to the role.



Samantha Harliwich

Samantha has recently come on board to assit in the Junior Academy. She comes to us with a wealth of experience which she is keen to share with our Juniors.